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Gonzalo Digenio

I am union cinematographer with experience in narrative films, documentaries, and commercials. My goal is to help filmmakers bring their visions to life while bringing my own unique perspective to the visuals. I'm passionate about storytelling and through different cameras, lenses, and other tools I am able to capture the essence of each story in a unique and compelling way.

Our cameras are carefully selected to capture the highest quality footage for any project. From cinema cameras to DSLRs, we have a variety of options to choose from. Our camera equipment is regularly maintained and updated to ensure we are always using the latest technology available to capture your vision.

Our monitors allow us to capture every detail of your project. We offer a variety of sizes and resolutions to ensure we can meet every project need. Our monitors are calibrated regularly to ensure color accuracy and consistency.

We offer a wide range of lenses and accessories to ensure we capture the perfect shot for your project. Our lenses range from wide-angle to telephoto, and we have accessories like follow focus and matte boxes to enhance your footage.

We use reliable and efficient power and media solutions to ensure that we can keep filming for as long as we need to. Our batteries and chargers are regularly maintained, and our media cards are high-speed and high-capacity to ensure we can capture every moment of your project.

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